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Exactly what I wanted

I spent the last decade riding English and I'm way into the padded ergonomic bridles that are so popular over there. I recently bought a Western pony for a change and wondered if the Western market had embraced the concept. Well, DP Saddlery is your company when you're looking for that, and they are about the only company doing it! The bridle is really reasonably priced for the quality! It really has a soft luxury feel, with padding exactly where you want it and never where you don't. I really like how the bit ties on, nothing there to bump or rub your horse's face, no screws to come undone at the worst times, quietly a really smart feature. The throat latch attachment is new to me but also love it, the rings slide with your browband up or down as needed so it's always in the perfect spot. I'm super picky on behalf of my horses and their comfort, and I'm so pleased with this bridle!

Perfect for my Arabian!

We have been super pleased with the DP Quantum Sport! Beautifully made and so comfortable, but the best part is how well it fits on my Arabians’ short back- lovely. I also appreciated them extending the trial to 14 days so my saddle fitter had time to come by. My one difficulty is the fenders. I am 5’4” and 130 and I purchased the S2, with medium fenders- they are way too long, even at the highest setting. I am in the process of exchanging them for small- so far the process is going smoothly!

DP girth

Great product, love it


Great product..excellent customer service.

Nice cavesson

High quality, well priced tack. It arrived in a timely manner.

New saddle

I love my new saddle and saddle colony was awesome to deal with.

Love my Cadiz!

The Cadiz is very comfortable and well made, and it even came with a nice saddle cover, which I didn't expect. The adjustability of the DP design is excellent to use between multiple horses. The seat creates a nice uphill balance for the rider. I was at first concerned that the change in texture of the leather from the seat itself to the cantle was going to be uncomfortable, but this was not the case! It was very comfortable to sit in from the start! The S2 turned out to be exactly the right size for me (I usually ride in a 17" dressage saddle). It was also a big relief to purchase through Saddle Colony, thanks to their trial period and no sales tax. It was also great to be able to work with a US supplier of DP saddles, because the saddle arrived quickly and just in time for my working equitation show! If you are thinking about going with a Cadiz (or one of the other similar modles), I highly recommend it!

Essential Lungeing Tool

Excellent craftsmanship and more light, yet durable, than most cavessons that are on the market. The cavesson is designed to not impinge on the facial nerve or the eyes. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Soft beautiful reins!

I love my DP Soft feel English Baroque reins!! They are soft in my hands and allow me to give gentle aids to my horses. My horses are very happy with the soft connection to their mouth!

Great buy!

It fits well and I love it!

Perfect fit!

I absolutely love the pad! It fits perfectly! Big thanks!

Fantastic pad!

The pad is conformed to fit and provide wither relief. The leather patches have slits for the billets to hold the pad in place. After a 6 hour ride, I could still slide my whole hand into the wither clearance. Never had a pad perform so well!!

Happy Saddle Buyer

Had a great saddle buying experience!! Love my new DP Saddle. My rep, River, helped me find the right one. Once I ordered it was received in 2/3 days!! Fender length was not good fit. Again River helped me work through this issue. Great buying experience!

Perfect Fit

I was having trouble finding a pad for my new DP saddle so finally contacted River and this pad was made especially to fit perfectly!! Very happy!!! Thanks River!!

Customer support is awesome!

Received the best support to try the saddle. The saddle was gorgeous and high quality. Unfortunately, i have a difficult to fit horse and it didnt work for him due to his less than ideal shoulder slope… but if it did for then i would have purchased. Noting the saddle actually accommodated my horse’s short back. If you have a short backed horse - strongly consider DP saddles!

Great great match!

I bought the girth to match up with my Quantum short and light western saddle. It's a perfect match! Thanks!

Love these

I just gotta say, I absolutely love these polos and boots! They work like a charm, always stay in place, and the best part is, my horse's legs don't get all sweaty anymore!


Good product and shipped quickly

Best experience ever!

Since acquiring the El Campo saddle, our camping and trail riding experiences have been nothing short of stylish and comfortable! This saddle has been the most comfortable one I've ever had for both myself and my horse.

Would buy this product again

I really love these polo wraps. At first, I was a bit unsure if I should buy them, but they turned out to be great and fit my 13.2 hand medium pony mare perfectly. I got the pony size and they fit really well.

Highly adjustable

And horse seems comfortable and happy in it. Thank you! :)


I really like Equifit products, and this one is another winner. The material is great as it provides excellent protection against high-speed impact, almost like a "bullet-proof" material. At the same time, it molds well to the saddle with lower impact. I got the ostrich trim, and it looks amazing. One thing to note is that, unlike Mattes half pad, you cannot make corrections with these pads. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your saddle fits well before using it.

Overall Great polos

We've been using these wraps on our junior hunter/derby horse during training at home for extra support. One great thing is they stay in place really well and don't slide down. However, the downside is they need special care. We have to hand wash them and line dry them carefully. It's important to let them fully dry before rolling them up, and we have to be careful not to let the inside touch itself.

The perfect solution!

I absolutely love this half pad! It doesn't disrupt the saddle fit but still offers amazing protection from any impact. It's great to see my horse happy and comfortable with Equifit!

Fits perfectly

The pad fits perfectly for my Quantum saddle! Love it!


At SaddleColony, we believe that every rider and horse duo deserves a saddle that fits their unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer saddle customization to help you create the perfect saddle for you and your horse.

Our customization process is simple and efficient, allowing you to make all the necessary adjustments and additions to your saddle to make it exactly what you want. Whether you want to adjust the size, add new features, or completely build a saddle from scratch, we've got you covered.

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At SaddleColony, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality saddles at competitive prices. That's why we offer a price guarantee to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Our price guarantee means that if you find a lower price on a saddle of equal quality and features within 90 days of your purchase, we will match that price and give you an additional discount.

Our aim is to make sure that you feel confident and secure when making your saddle purchase. We stand behind the quality and value of our saddles and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible shopping experience.

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